meet your insurance difference maker

Fournier Group is a full-service, independent insurance agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We serve people and businesses of all shapes and sizes across the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to keep what’s important to you safe in the best possible way—your home, your auto, other personal property, a small business, a global corporation. We identify risks and provide solutions that give you peace of mind and confidence to pursue your dreams. As your trusted advisor, we treat you like a person, not a number, profit margin or liability.

We make a difference.

We don’t just contact the insurance carriers and fill out forms. We advocate. We communicate. We think ahead and work hard, bringing decades of experience, industry knowledge, relationship savvy and passion to bear on your behalf.

We aim high.

In an industry known for stodginess and complacency, we strive for authenticity, integrity, ingenuity and excellence. We seek to change the game by finding better, more creative ways of partnering with you and giving back to our communities.

We listen, then act.

We work in tandem with you to understand not only your insurance needs, but also your personal and business aspirations. What’s important to you—personal property, business assets or both—and what do you value most? What kind of protection is right? We ask. We listen. We learn and collaborate. Then we act, making your insurance goals realities and your experiences with us productive and gratifying.

Hawthorne Bridge and downtown Portland, Oregon skyline at night